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Hostile Waters Antaeus Rising-GOG

Hostile Waters Antaeus Rising-GOG(PC/ENG/2001)
English | PC | 2001 | 527.93 MB
Genre: Strategy | Real-time | Sci-fi

Twenty years have passed since the population of Earth did a fine job of destroying nearly everything in one final struggle for power by the politicians and military leaders. Twenty years have been spent building a near Utopia, a society where currency and finance are irrelevant, a planet without hunger or poverty. All weapons have been destroyed to ensure peace. But hidden away in an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, a cabal of old-world magnates: ex-leaders, financiers, politicians, and despots, are planning a return to the greed fueled, hate filled past. And there in no way to fight them. Except this one last remaining Adaptive Cruiser – The Antaeus.
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